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Please see this my message video first.

My name is Yuko Honda. I am Japanese feng shui artist.

I create feng shui fusion art works based on ancient Chinese feng shui principles together with brain science, color psychology and behavioral psychology.

When people see my tridimensional paneled art, their brain react to the information of the colors, shapes and materials that the art emit.


I am an experienced feng shui environmental designer and have appraised offices and houses for more than ten yeas and given advices to transform the space into more auspicious one.

Through these experiences I came to wonder if there is something that first to all kind of spaces and be effective to bring luck to one’s life.


This is how I started producing

‘Change Your Destiny’ series.


There are three main characreristics to my art. 

1. acrylic yarn as material 
2. curving lines 
3. tridimensional 


Acrylic yarn has warmth bringing gentle feeling of happiness. 
Curving lines make us feel relaxed when we see. Tridimensional art can condition spaces for better atmosphere.


My art is very unique and it is something you cannot find any where in the world.


The message through my art is one;

Let your flower bloom.


It is my mission to support people who have dreams.
It is my wish to let people shine by providing my artworks to their lives. My clients in Japan say it is amazing how my artwork change their lives for better by owning ‘Change your Destiny’.